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Understanding DED/ACS & new technologies for WAD authors

edited 2013 Dec 26 in DOOM
Hi guys,

I'm one of the authors of The Path, updating it for 20th anniversary of DOOM. I'm really impressed with the quality of Doomsday (and it's active community, and quality Mac port) and so would like to focus on making the level take advantage of dengine, beyond the usual limit updates.

In particular, I'd like to experiment with some of the newer engine features offered in modern Doom engines:

- Deep water sectors
- Moving sectors (eg, Hexen style polyobjects)
- Hexen 'earthquake' Things.
- Sliding sector floors
- Fog sectors
- Sloping floors (if possible)

After reading through the wiki (particularly, I have a few questions about the various newer-generation DOOM technologies.

- Is DED or ACS or BOOM the preferred mechanism for accessing these things? I see, eg, DED can do sliding floors, ACS can do polyobjects, AFAICT only zdoom does sloping floors and that's not supported in dengine. Do I need to learn all these technologies, or is there some duplication between then? Which technology should I focus on learning?
- Is there a good WAD to demonstrate all the 'new' features of Doomsday Engine using these technologies?


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