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Doom Vertical Stretch Formula

edited 2013 Dec 24 in General
The Doom engine and Doomsday Engine stretches everything on screen vertically. What i'm looking for is some kind of percentage that it is stretched.

I need to make a mathemagical formula to figure out how much stretch (or vertical squish rather) I need for my 3d Models so i don't have to eyeball it every time I'm putting in a new model.

I have squash/stretch control over "depth, height, width". So "1, 1, 1" will end up looking stretched because the doomsday engine uses the default Doom vertical stretch and to fix this I would do something close to "1, 0.8, 1". Simple, but i'm not mathemagical so the moment I need to change the depth or width I have to spend a painful amount of time eyeballing it to find an approximate height that looks right.

Is there already a formula out there for this?


  • It's quite simple, actually. The original game used a VGA resolution of 320x200. However, given that the actual physical aspect ratio was 4:3, using square pixels one would need to use 320x240. Therefore the scaling factor is 200/240 = 0.83333, or 1.2 if going the other way.
  • Ok so if i need to change the overall scale and keep the ratio, how do I figure the vertical squish/stretch?

    For example, if i needed to squish the width and depth to 0.52 (.52, .?, .52), how would I figure the vertical squish? Sorry, i'm mathematically challenged.
  • For the vertical component, squish would be .52 x .833333 = .433333. Similarly, stretch would be .52 x 1.2 = .642.
  • LOL! That was so simple that i now feel really dumb.
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