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old liquids pack

edited 2013 Nov 23 in DOOM
dose any one have JohnXfluids pack out of curiosity.


  • edited 2013 Nov 20
    i have that pack somewhere, i'm gonna try to find it.


    I found it :D!pYlhFJhA!TJzjXzQJ4 ... KqqRNCZ4Yo

    enjoy it!! (this is the correct pack >.<)
  • That folder contains many files that you might have accidentally included. dismember? 1.6.2jammyfunituremod? Bibliocraft? Also, the file container is named 'mods.rar'.
  • really?? ups!!! wrong pack >.< ok link updated now is the correct pack, the first one is a bunch of mods for minecraft XD
  • thanks i am going to see what i can do with them to make them work perfectly with the new doomsday with all the animations.
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