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Week 42/2013: Migration

edited 2013 Oct 26 in Developers
Last week I migrated all the bug reports and feature requests into our own tracker.

We could not find a ready-made solution for migrating tickets into Redmine, so I ended up writing my own script that parsed the JSON data exported from and inserted it into the new tracker via its REST API and a bunch of direct database manipulations.

I have since been combing through the database of bugs and feature requests and trying to organize and reprioritize them. There is a wealth of good ideas particularly in the feature requests, which I must say personally I've been neglecting to peruse in recent years. I've largely been focusing on the proposals in the wiki, but now that they are being consolidated into the tracker, it is beneficial to go through all the old ideas and see how compatible they are with current thinking.

While I've been rejecting/closing some ideas outright, many of them link nicely into our current plans for Doomsday 2. Much of the work involves clarifying issue titles, updating tags, and linking issues together with related ones. So don't be surprised if you suddenly receive notifications about changes to 10 year old RFEs. :)

All in all the new Redmine-based tracker is really showing its power. It is fast and one can easily search issues based on keywords, tags, or filtering. In the long run, migrating away from the trackers will be very beneficial for daily development work, as we'll hopefully have to rely less on private todo lists, the wiki, and other ad hoc mechanisms to manage the work.

My plan is to continue going through the issue database and then end the brief development hiatus by doing some fixes for an upcoming 1.12.1 patch.


  • Also worth mentioning: we've set up a separate project in the tracker for website related issues. So if you've noticed a glitch or have a great idea for improving the website, please submit.
  • Last week I had little in the way of spare time for deng, due to various real life concerns and/or responsibilities. I expect that as the coming week unfolds I'll be able to make more time available.
  • Please don't take this the wrong way; may I enquire why there are seperate trackers for the website and Dday it'self?

    Why can't website related issues simply be tagged as such in a single tracker?
  • It makes sense to use separate trackers for homepage issues/feature requests. Obviously it would be more convenient from a user perspective to place them in the "main" tracker, however, homepage/web concerns are very different from those of the user-domain desktop applications. While it is certainly conceivable that an issue will affect both the homepage and the desktop it is better to track it separately from the respective projects' perspective.
  • Also, each project has its own roadmap and versions. As the website is not included in or synced with our regular stable releases, it wouldn't make sense to schedule website issues into the main roadmap.
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