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Setting up a server for Doomsday

edited 2013 Oct 23 in DOOM
Hey Guys,

I love this port, long time Doom player reliving his childhood.

I notice there is one server running for this game for Doomsday Ultimate.

I am unsure at the moment how to run my own server, or how to start it up as the option on the interface isn't there.

Can someone please let me know?

Also, could you possibly add a mouse sensitivity in game :)

Thank you,


  • hey guys I got the server running and joined it. But the maps have WAY more guns than there should be. on the first lvl there it a bgt 9000 at my feet and all around level 1.

    how do i fix thjis!!! so it goes back how the single player is!
  • Thread from last year, I'm guessing there isn't going to be an adjustment for this :<
  • I'm afraid I don't understand the problem; are you saying you want to play in co-op but without the co-op weapons and things? It is the mapper who dictates which pickups are available in each game mode and simply spawning the pickups from singleplayer instead can potentially break the map; imagine a situation involving locked doors which automatically close behind the player -- multiple keys may be needed in multiplayer.
  • The poster is referring to the fact that the Doom and Heretic Iwad maps MP flagged items are placed for DM.

    Given that those two games have no separate DM and Co-op flags, those MP items appear when playing Co-op and as a result severely unbalance the maps. i.e on Map01 of Doom2 there are two MP flagged BFG9000's right next to the co-op starts.

    Though it's not completely black and white as some of the Iwad maps also throw a few extra monsters in on MP and one could debate as to whether they are meant for Co-op or DM.
  • Thanks for the clarification. In that case I think the only way we can address this is to provide a plethora of server configuration options which allow the admin to suppress spawning of certain items (via the game rules mechanism).
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