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Heretic not exiting (crashing) in 1.12.0

edited 2014 Feb 6 in Heretic
Heretic is not exiting (the screen stays and the music continues to play) in 1.12.0

Task manager says it is not responding.

I downgraded to 1.11.2 and everything is OK


  • Another version of 1.12 is planned to be released. ... 082#p10082

    In simple terms, Deng team in avertedly hit the 'stable release' button a bit too soon.
  • Indeed, mea culpa. I tested this scenario (no saved profiles exist yet) earlier, but didn't think to repeat the tests after adding the built-in profiles. Consequently, currently it crashes at unload because no profiles exist at all even though the assumption is that there is always at least one profile.

    Tomorrow's build 1006 should work better.
  • Hey,
    Similar to this issue but in the 1.13 version, I managed to get a screenshot.
    Although it doesn't show much, I sent you a pm about it Skyjake.
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