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Week 39/2013: Thousand days

edited 2013 Oct 2 in Developers
Last week we were getting ready for releasing the stable 1.12.

I spent the week doing UI fine-tuning and minor bug fixes:
  • The Renderer Appearance editor now allows one to fold or unfold all setting groups by right-clicking on one of the group titles.
  • One can open the editor to view the settings of read-only profiles.
  • The Updater settings dialog works like the other dialogs; no more Ok/Cancel but just a Close button. Changes to the settings get applied immediately when interacting with the widgets.
  • Added the option to start downloading available updates automatically.
  • Fixed typing a ~ character in the console (U.S. keyboard): the state of the Shift key was not being communicated to the bindings system when one was entering text.
  • Hexen: game messages were not being shown in the console log. The 'msg-echo' cvar was not defaulting to 1 as it should.

Last Friday we hit build 1000. This is a nice round number and in practice it means that the build system has now been running continuously for a full thousand days — 2.7 years, in other words. It pleases me to see that development is continuing at a good pace now that changes can be pushed out rapidly. Quoting yours truly from February 2011:
skyjake wrote:
Let us consider for a moment the significance of this development. As Doomsday is a hobby project, it is only natural that team members stray out from the source trunk into developing interesting and fancy new things. However, this does not help at all with producing actual releases that people at large might want to use. In essence, the situation is missing gravity: the far-flung development branches need a constant pull to become part of the official release stream. Hand-made releases lack gravity because it is cumbersome to make them and no one wants to do that on a regular basis. Hence, no releases for months on end. Also, important bug fixes are left stranded on some development branch with a bunch of half-finished changes with no way to get them released quickly. But with an automated build system churning out releases effortlessly (and on a regular schedule), we have the necessary gravity to motivate team members to finalize their work and integrate it back to the trunk (in reasonably-sized chunks) to get it released.

We are releasing stable 1.12.0 this week. There will be a candidate build every day until one is deemed good enough for a stable designation.


  • I am having problems with doomsday 1004 on - Ubuntu 13.10 64bit - sdl 1.2.15 - qt 5.0.2
    When using the default music system for doomsday the music plays really fast (
    Also got a segfault when trying to unload doom2 (see doomsday.out2)
    Also I can't quit a game via the menu then pressing "y" (pressing "y" does nothing)

    Doomsday.out here >

    Also when using fmod 1004 there is no music (there is sound)
    Also got a segfault when trying to unload doom2
    Doomsday.out2 here >
  • I've only ran Doomsday on Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit with Qt 4.8. I can't recommend Qt 5.0 or 5.1 at this time, at least on other platforms there are several issues that force us to keep using 4.8 for now. (5.2 should be looking better, though.)

    I'm looking into the segfault when unloading a game.

    Also, I've noticed a bug in 1005 that needs fixing, so there will still be another stable build coming.
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