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Waving Water

edited 2009 Dec 22 in General
I'll tell a story (like I always do) about my idea. So, I was on the Darkmere, and there is that room where the slime is simulated moving by moving up&down some blocks of slime around the ground. That remembered me of a video I saw once, I'm not sure which one it was, I'm thinking it was a Let's Play of Hexen, but I'm not sure at all, where the water actually waved smoothly. It was somewhere else, not on that waving room. If it was Let's Play Hexen, then I think it was on ZDoom. I'll see if I can find the video again.
It wasn't some extra complex ripple effect that it had, it was a simple linear wave thing, which looked simple and good.
So the idea hit me:
Why not do something like that for the Doomsday liquid surfaces? Maybe not lava, lava kind of looks like it should not be waving, but maybe it could work. It would add some more to the visual interest that DD already has, and would be a subtle effect that would make the world look a little bit more real.



  • We have been planning to do much more with the various liquids in all supported games. This won't be happening until after the renderer rewrite (we want to make use of shaders for much more dynamic surfaces with Fresnel et all).
  • I had a question about rendering as well, but as there's a topic related already, I'll ask it here.

    I wanted to know about your plans to implement the visuals we see in Quake's ports, such as DarkPlaces or even Tenebrae, with advanced lighting, shadows, bump-mapping etc. Doomsday always was the most graphically advanced port ever, and now all I see in roadmap are internal changes, that, so to say, are under the hood, it's like fixing bugs, that average player like me will not even notice. I am eager to see Doom in all it's beauty, as much as possible ever.

    Will the 'new rendering system' deliver it?
  • Well to bring my bit of pepper, fixing the bugs and adapting to core to new technology is important too. I was playing some maps of Evilution and too often I slip though an external wall and end out of the map forcing me to use the console to get back in the game.

    Quake can be as beautiful than it can, its gameplay will be forever a lot less good than the gameplay of doom 1&2 series. :D
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