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Map not rendering correctly

edited 2013 Sep 25 in DOOM
I am working on a map that is specifically for doomsday but i ran across a rendering glitch if you will. the first part of the map is meant to have the ceiling and walls be all sky but some of the walls are not sky aka not having texture. I have included a link to the map i am working on. i hope to have screens of the problem in the next couple of days. i can fix them sorta as i fix one more show up. this dose not happen in other source ports.


  • I'm surprised it works correctly in any source port to be honest. For example, Chocolate Doom shows HOM and bleeding flats everywhere. GZDoom doesn't produce HOM but your geometry visibly changes depending on where the player is, due to the way that port handles missing texture hacks (which is kinda neat but I doubt this is what you were intending?).
  • Well i did more tests and vanilla doom dose not handle the sky thing vary well even tho doom makes use of what i am trying to do. all the other source ports handle this the way i expect except doomsday witch has artifacts.

    Edit: i solved my own problem by making a sector around the one i was working on and made it lower then the one the player is on.
  • As far as I am aware, no software renderer would have been able to handle your original version.

    GZDoom and Dday 1.8.6 however, both renderer it how I think you were intending it to look. Modern Dday however, doesn't.

    It may be worth noting though, that Dday and GZDoom (and some other source ports) both support texture/flat mixing; you can use flats on walls and textures on planes. At least I think that's why you left the sides of the platforms untextured? Also nothing stopping you making a texture version of the flat.
  • i only did that to fix my original problem witch when i solved the main problem had more undesired problems witch i fixed by adding textures the the areas that needed them.
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