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Newbie: Starting a server in Windows (Doomsday 1.1)

edited 2013 Sep 19 in DOOM
I would like to start a coop multiplayer server for Doom 2 using Windows.

I used the shell to launch a new local server and the tool shows a status "Looking up host...", but appears to eventually "time out".

Is there a way to specify a set of switches in a windows shortcut to launch a server? I read through the Wiki, but couldn't piece together a solution that worked.

By the way, I was heavily impressed with the engine. It's such a delight to play Doom 2 again in high definition ... I can't wait to add this to our next LAN Party!

Thank you in advance.

Tinz :)


  • If it gives up after "Looking up host..." it usually means that the server could not be started due to an error.

    (Eventually I'm planning on improving the UI so that it will inform you of the actual reason why the server failed to start. The current version of the Shell is a very minimal, bare-bones implementation.)

    First thing to check: did you define where your IWAD files are in the Shell's Preferences?

    You could also look up and post here the server's doomsday.out file, which is located under "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Deng Team\Doomsday Engine\server-runtime". It should contain the actual error message.
  • Thanks for the tips.

    I did try setting the IWAD folder, but I will try again in the event that I previously experienced an end user "senior moment"!

    I'll also review the error log. It may contain sufficient information for me to locate the root cause. I'll attempt a few things myself first and report back in a day or so.

    Many thanks :)
  • Voila!

    I had previously copied and pasted the WAD folder location into the shell settings, but this time around I used the "Browse" button to locate and set the folder. This seemed to do this trick. It's likely either the paste operation was the issue or my all thumbs action over my keyboard.

    I have just run a quick coop server and all checked out fine. I loved the map showing the location of players. I think I'll be running this at our LAN Party and output the map to the HDTV, so players can see where they are whilst we all frag away.

    Thank you for bringing this awesome game back to life. I misspent a lot of my formative years on this game and now intend to be a spendthrift all over again.

    Thank you,

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