Model Format Woes

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Hey, I know you guys have discussed this before, but I've just had to mix and match about 5 different apps, tools and utilities to get a working MD2 with it's skin out of Blender 2.6x.

1. Export mesh from Blender to MD3
2 Import MD3 to NPherno's MD3 Compiler to attach skin to mesh (you could use MD2Tool for this)
3. Import MD3 to Misfit Model 3D to test that skin is attached and working with UV map.
4. Export MD3 to MD2 using Misfit.

You could probably streamline this somewhat, but this is just to show how silly it can be.

I know you don't want to arse around with a new model format till the new renderer is ready, but this is just simply ridiculous. Is there any way you can either fasttrack the new format or maybe institute a hack from another port to get MD3 onto the format list?

MD3 isn't great and it's in many ways just a small step up. The big plus is that we can get a straight-shot from Blender, which is a world away from what we have now. Also, MD3 is very similar to MD2 so, hopefully, it would be faster to get in while we wait for the 'real' new model format.


  • I agree with Tea Monster.
    I have not been able to get a model created in blender3d to work properly in doomsday.
    Also a few of the programs like md2viewer and neosis crash when trying to edit skins/uvmaps as i have to run them through wine.

    Doomsday being able to use md3 files would be a great help in getting models (and the skyboxes i'm working on) into doomsday
  • The fortunate thing about the 3D model renderer is that it is fairly isolated from the rest of the map renderer. I have been thinking about rewriting its lowest-level components using the new GL2 classes. The biggest challenge here would be to make it work without disrupting the operation of the rest of the old GL1-based map renderer.

    While MD3 is not the ideal format, I agree that it should be among the supported ones.

    Once my current tasks with the UI are concluded, I will consider doing some work in this area.
  • Thank you very much!!
  • Can you hear that? That is the sound of creativity barriers cracking.
  • Very good, and it means we might see the production of better models sooner than later and models being created faster since it is also easier, which benefits both creator and player.
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