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Rain mod.

edited 2013 Aug 16 in Hexen
I didn't know weather to add this to an existing thread or start new. Sorry if it should be elsewhere, plz move it if so.
We now have a working rain mod in the newest hexen resource pak. It works and has low impact on performance.
My questions are as follows, Is there a way to make the ground look wet on maps where the rain works? Is there a way to show ground impact (splash, rings, bounce)? And last, I have made a dirty code that adds rain sound but I have little control over it. It is uneven, has distinct starting points, and it gets interupted now and then. it plays even when indoors I thought that particles were supposed to die when hitting a wall? I don't want to release it until I can at least make it die when going indoors. This is only for map01 at this point.


  • We can use a new wet-looking flat texture for the ground. And we can use a Flat-type generator to spawn splash and ring particles, I suppose. When used carefully, it shouldn't greatly affect the performance.
  • That sounds good but it's beyond my ability. Maybe someone would give it a shot? Thanks.
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