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Week 28/2013: Fixes

edited 2013 Jul 16 in Developers
Last week we continued the work toward stable 1.11. The up-to-date status of our candidate phase work is on the stable release to-do page:

Noteworthy changes/fixes during last week:
  • Important fix to use the correct build number in libdeng2 to detect up/downgrades. Hitherto it always used today's build number regardless of which version was installed.
  • Map title is now shown in the automap, although for the time being differently than in the vanilla games. We are also aware of the issues regarding custom maps replacing the map name graphic with something inappropriate.
  • The FPS counter is now a proper notification widget. In the future there will more notifications, for instance for available updates on
  • Obsolete settings were removed from the Control Panel (from Input, Network, and Console pages).
  • OpenAL fixes, particularly for Linux.
  • Fixed crashes: jXCCP crash with particles, illegal submodel data usage.
  • Fixed gameplay bugs: missing automap on Windows, Heretic powered-up Wand, Heretic Hell Staff rain direction, Heretic finale text fitting to the screen, Heretic extra floorclipping on liquid splash effects, Hexen Dark Servant damage, Hexen Dark Servant morphing, and amount of armor from the Bracers artifact.
The plan continues to be to release the stable 1.11 in the second half of July, depending on the progress with the to-do items.
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