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Week 26/2013: Fixes and improvements

edited 2013 Jul 1 in Developers
Last week was spent on bug fixing and improvements for the upcoming stable 1.11.

We are again keeping an up-to-date status of our candidate phase work on the stable release to-do page:

You can find the applied changes in last week's and today's builds (907, 909, 912). My work has been focused on UI behavior, however there is also a fix for a libhexen savegame regression that was causing crashes when loading a saved game.

The plan is to release the stable 1.11 around mid-July, depending on the progress with the to-do items.


  • In addition to the 1.11 bug fixing I also spent time last week updating the infrastructure which powers I upgraded our server's Apache and PHP to more recent versions and then upgraded MediaWiki to version 1.21 (latest stable). Also, as a result of the upgrade various fixes were necessary to some of the older packages we use.

    If you encounter any issues since the upgrade, please report them so they can be investigated. However it should be mostly working now.
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