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Doom 64 sprite sheets?

edited 2013 Jun 22 in Off-Topic
Curious to ask, but are there any faithful Doom 64 sprite sheets? Not planning on doing anything illegal with them, trust me! ;) I'd like to see the detailing on some things, but the only complete sprite sheets I've found were here: , however the pain elemental's palette looks messed up. I have compared it with a sprite from a certain angle, and it's not just the black bits, but there seems to be a lot of color bled out of it to the point where the details are lost.

It looks like an inverted beast of exposed muscle with an exoskeleton controlling the limbs and protecting the chest and making a spine with spikes. Nevertheless, there are a few things which I'd like to see on there, but I can't make out from the bad sprites I've seen.

Explanations aside...anyone seen a good sprite sheet for it? (Yes, this is mainly for the pain elemental, but others in addition that are faithful to the originals would also be cool.)
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