Bias Lighting for Heretic

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"Bias lighting is the new lighting model being developed in the Doomsday 1.9.x series. It replaces the old DOOM, sector-based uniform lighting with per-vertex level lighting" (Doomsday Wiki)

I'm trying to make this type of lights for Heretic. It looks like this:
0_ae0cf_d58fc389_M.jpg 0_ae0d1_55508201_M.jpg
0_af6b7_4e4c703e_M.jpg 0_af6ad_44ec80ef_M.jpg
0_b284d_9d878626_M.jpg 0_b2848_dbe8e7f_M.jpg

Currently ready Bias lighting for the E1M1-E1M3 maps. If anyone has interest for this:
1) Put ded-files from attachment in the Snowberry\Addons folder and activate these files in the Snowberry.
2) Run Doomsday and without starting new level - enabling Bias lighting feature in the console:
rend-bias 1
rend-bias-grid 1
3) Start E1M1 map.
For a better experience I recommend using fog and high resolution textures.

And remember to turn off Bias lighting when not needed more:
rend-bias 0
rend-bias-grid 0
More information about Bias lighting in Doomsday Wiki:

and this topic:

For the Heretic & Doomsday fans - simple music slideshow from the screenshots with Bias lighting and more:
1) The executable file for Windows systems users (125Mb, high quality)

2) Video file in avi format (126Mb, 720p, H264/AC3)

have fun! ;)

P.S. If you click on my screenshots and you can not see the text in English - please tell me about it. I'm not exactly sure, how this service works, and if it displays text not on the right language for you - I'll remove these screenshots.

Last update: September 18, 2013
Heretic E1M1-E1M5 Fog Bias lighting v0.5 (


  • keep up the good work. it looks amazing
  • Very nice work. This is a good reminder that we shouldn't forget about bias lights when the time comes to begin work on the new map renderer.

    It would be interesting to hear any feedback you may have from a editor usability point of view. After my UI work progresses a little further I will start thinking about how to improve the various parts of the engine's UI (including the bias light editor).
  • The colours chosen are bit too bright for my personal liking, but it's great to see the feature getting some use. It is something that can add a lot of atmosphere if done well (and once the bugs in the code are ironed out by Deng team; er, I don’t mean that to sound rude).
    It might be interesting to see if black or very dark bias lights could be used to imitate shadows...

    Now to go off topic a bit:
    Makes me wish Dday could add coloured sector lighting to maps without a user having to alter the maps themselves; every other visual feature Dday offers can be applied to any map without directly modifying it. It looks like some of the Bias lights PVS has placed are literally trying to colour whole sectors (also some of them look like they are attempting to mimic plane glows), rather than just acting as point based sources...
    Something like:
    Sector Colour {
    Wad = ‘X’
    Map = ‘X’
    Sector = ‘X’
    Colour { 1.0 0.43 0.8 }
  • They look really good PVS - excellent work. I agree with Vermil on the brightness but that shouldn't take anything away from your work - keep it up!
  • PVS indicates that he uses fog, which probably mutes some of the colours for him.

    I personally don't use fog.
  • oooh, this is awesome! makes heretic look way fancy, i love it :D

    how come this feature has been overlooked for so long?
    cuz it makes the game look soooo much nicer

    as some others said too, in a few points the lighting is a bit overly bright, but overall you did a brilliant job on these!
    keep it up, i cant wait to see more bias lights you make and hope all of heretic can look as fancy as the first 3 maps some day :D
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    Thanks for your feedback guys, but all thanks must go to the Deng Team! They have done an excellent job over this feature and Bias editor. All we need - is to use this! I am familiar with DDay for a long time and knew that the engine has a Bias light, but could not find enough information - what is it and how to use it. Only a couple of months ago I found an old topic on New Doom forum and technically understood - that is Bias Lighting in Doomsday. And I also wish that this feature is so little used, even if it is still not finished.

    About Bias Editor. In my opinion, work in the editor is very easy and convenient. At this time, I do not know, what we need to add or change in him. I have a few small suggestions, I'll try to make them their later, and I hope - that other people also will be able to speak about the work in the editor.

    On the count of my Bias Lighting example. If you are technically analyze the screenshots in my first message, I have to say, that these screenshots and based on them slideshow - made using a 1.9.0 beta1 engine version. Sorry, if I confused you, I use many engine versions in my small works. As far as I can see - using of this Bias light depends on many things: which textures package used, particle generators (for example - wall torches), the use fog and its settings, different settings in control panel, used engine version, etc. Only all together it creates its own atmosphere that each user can get different, depending on which add-ons and settings it uses. I think you understand it so, but it's easy to compare.

    These screenshots show how the same Bias light definitions uses with different sets of textures and fog settings:
    E1M1 Bias Light. [Textures1], [Textures2], [Without additions]:
    0_b3d8f_effc42c_S.jpg 0_b3d91_b678e774_S.jpg 0_b3d8d_b880ba62_S.jpg
    E1M1 Bias Light + Fog. [Textures1], [Textures2], [Without additions]:
    0_b3d8e_e23cce11_S.jpg 0_b3d90_b62931f0_S.jpg 0_b3d92_1eb46b51_S.jpg

    E1M2 Bias Light. [Textures1], [Textures2], [Without additions]:
    0_b3d88_1c758cf3_S.jpg 0_b3d8b_b0c7a499_S.jpg 0_b3d85_f0fb6337_S.jpg
    E1M2 Bias Light + Strong Fog. [Textures1], [Textures2], [Without additions]:
    0_b3d86_48a7aa3_S.jpg 0_b3d89_a8d025c1_S.jpg 0_b3d8c_12f1fa82_S.jpg

    An interesting result for the E1M1 level, where see a big difference in brightness on this map location - between the only texture pack. I've seen enough of these places even in the first 3 maps. In my opinion, the right yours atmosphere with Bias Lighting can only be create for individual sets of additions.

    I created these Bias Lighting example definitions for Heretic using Textures1 and fog, and I saw, that with the other additions, the visual result will be different, than I was planning. With Textures2 may be normally, but without fog, absolutely true - it would be too bright, and may be not correct color. I was mistaken, when do not add the fog definitions, which I used. I include them now in from attachment, can try again, if you have time. You can also get Textures1 here:

    The only reason, that I show my not finished work example - was to have more information for people, who like me, did not know about Bias Lighting before. Looking at the screenshots and examples of definitions someone possible want to try create a new atmosphere for their favorite games.//img-fotkiyandex
  • i gots a little problem when using fog with bias lights :(
    as you can see....the hud dragonclaw shows up as pure white when fog is enabled :(

    it is the only weapon which seems to do this, none of the other weapons have this problem,
    and it seems to depend on the density of fog how white the weapon becomes.

    i tried looking into the DEDs of the weapon and comparing it to DEDs from other weapons to see if i could find what about it was different which causes the dragonclaw weapon to show completely white, but i failed quite miserably at that, no matter what i tried the weapon continued showing up completely white :(

    im using the JHRP 1.01, could someone please take a look at the dragonclaw hud and fix this for me?
    i haveno clue if i use the same pack as the one found at addons of DD website, i think not.
    so in case it isnt, let me include the pk3 from the dragonclaw i use:
  • im using the JHRP 1.01, could someone please take a look at the dragonclaw hud and fix this for me?
    This will be fixed in Doomsday 1.10.2. For more information, see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1389#p9057
  • ah okies... so its an engine-bug, and not a model-bug :-O

    how come only this weapon is affected by the bug then?
    i expected it wouldve been a bug of the model, cuz only that weapon has the bug.

    thanx for reply, ill wait for next release then in which this bug is fixed :)
  • Actually its not a bug at all, this model is being drawn in the way intended by the implementation. The issue here is to do with the manipulation of the model coordinate space implemented in the definition files for the model, which, position and scale the model in such a way that it should be shrouded in fog (given that fog presently affects HUD models).
  • ah ok i see....

    anyways, just tried the new 853 build which was released earlier today...
    much better, the issue is completely gone now that fog doesnt affect hud models :D
    and it doesnt bother me at all that fog doesnt affect hud models

    thanx for the update which fixed this skyjake :D
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    Finish E1M4. This level has been very difficult for me. I don't know, how to make Bias light for this town? All I tried - I did not like. When moving the light sources - I drew attention, that the engine sometimes tries to create shadows. And I began to seek these shadows, specially create them, so many shadows - as possible!
    0_b574e_738b8f9e_M.jpg 0_b7b1e_3df51954_M.jpg
    0_b574f_2031d4a4_M.jpg 0_b5750_6e89d8fa_M.jpg
    0_b7b21_270f38e9_M.jpg 0_b7b22_5076cd6c_M.jpg
    0_b7b23_1c392ce0_M.jpg 0_b7b25_8392fd9b_M.jpg
    I do not know guys, whether you will like this "Town of shadows", but better - I can not make. Sometimes these shadows do not look realistic, but maybe it - Heretic mystical shadows?
  • looks nice from the pics :D

    i'll check it out later in-game and let you know what i think ;)
  • PVS wrote:
    which water textures are it that you are using in this pic? could you please share them with me?
    i like them more then the ones in the current JHRP and inkub0's packs. think it looks silly that all water-surfaces now look like a thin later of water on top of bricks with those textures
  • It is an old texture-pack. I have already talked about it before calling it - "Textures1". You can get my modified 8-bit version here:

    For more detailed information about these textures - see Readme.txt inside the archive.
  • thanx for these PVS.
    i personally like the water in that pack more since its closer to the orignal and it doesnt look like 'a thin layer of water on bricks' like the texture in the current JHRP looks like, which i think doesnt make sense at all.

    there were some tiling problems with them though, but i made them seamlessly tiled myself.
    if anyone wants them, here they are:
  • Attempt for E1M5 map. In my opinion - update for each separate map is not the correct way, this level I finished back in June. But because ever since I not moved ahead, I decided to show it. As before, this is individually for my taste of course.

    0_ca8d6_71fe7e54_M.jpg 0_ca8d7_c929ec66_M.jpg
    0_ca8d9_a8946f92_M.jpg 0_ca8db_6d880d46_M.jpg
    0_ca8dc_9bea9758_M.jpg 0_ca8dd_8f7035e6_M.jpg
    0_ca8da_6dadabe0_M.jpg 0_ca8de_9a63740f_M.jpg
    0_ca8df_a37138fc_M.jpg 0_ca8e0_467cad34_M.jpg

    Showing so many screenshots I hope that someone interested Bias Lighting feature and he wants to try to create its own light or fix my examples. In the video below shows a simple example of the work in internal Bias editor, as you can easily create this lighting:

    Doomsday: Bias Lighting Editor:

    In this video shows the basic operations for the creation of two points of light from scratch, their installation, color selection, copy and color change. All operations are made manually using console commands, but we can binding special keys for this and the work in the Bias editor becomes an easy and convenient. Let me know if someone is interested, I'll try to help.

    I have problem with forum upload attachment. Last Heretic Bias Lighting version now moved to the end of the first post of this topic.
  • there were some tiling problems with them though, but i made them seamlessly tiled myself.
    if anyone wants them, here they are:
    If you get a chance could you re-upload this please? Thank you for going through the trouble making them tile properly, I'd love to be able to use them and work on them a little myself.
  • @PVS
    looks good, looking forward to trying the new bias-lights in-game :)


    sure, i uploaded them to my dropbox for ya ... g.rar?dl=0

  • >Thanks, highly appreciate it!

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but some of the other textures in the pack PVS posted don't tile properly so I'm attempting to fix them slowly.

    MOSSRCK1 tile fix

    MOSSRCK1 mossy
  • sirsinalot - good work, but I did not imagine that someone will be interested and will work with these old textures. I think use to your work my modified package maybe not quite good.

    If anyone needed, here is the original, unmodified textures pack 2002:
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