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Week 16/2013: Graphics foundation

edited 2013 Apr 22 in Developers
Last week we released a patch for 1.10 and I was working on new low-level graphics code while DaniJ continued refactoring the internal map data structures.

Most of my time was spent on the new OpenGL (ES) 2 low-level graphics code. The area of the engine I'm working on is the lowest layer of our renderer that directly interfaces with the underlying graphics API (OpenGL 2+ in this case). The goal at this point is to enable shader-based rendering in a C++ friendly object-oriented manner. All the future work on the renderer will ultimately be based on this code, so I'm making sure it is done properly.

I also adapted some of the matrix math I've written in the past for use in libdeng2, complementing the vector math already in the library.

The 1.10.1 patch release was quite straightforward; most of the required autobuilder maintenance had been completed shortly after the 1.10 release.
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