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md2 VS md3 model format

edited 2013 Apr 11 in Tools and Techniques
Hello, non-coding player here.

I have used Doomsday engine with the hires textures and md2 model packs to play through some vanilla WADs and have been very impressed with the speed of the engine. Even with hundreds of monsters in the same room, there was no slowdown and the hires content looks great.

I have read in another thread that deng team wants to implement md3 format in future versions.

Does .md3 support mean that Quake3 models could be ported to a future version of jDoom?

Would that mean that jDoom could have characters that bend at the waist, so if the player stands at the top of a cliff, zombiemen at the foot of the cliff would point their guns upwards when shooting at the player? I have noticed that in such situations, currently the enemy soldiers hold their guns level when shooting up, which looks strange.

This was not noticeable in the original game because you couldn't look up and down.

Are characters aiming up and down possible to implement?

P.S. Love the forum theme by the way, viewing at 150% zoom in Chrome and very easy on my myopic eyes. 8-)
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