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Week 13/2013: Console docs, preparing stable

edited 2013 Apr 8 in Developers
Last week we were busy putting together the stable release 1.10.

An important change was that it is no longer possible to run a public server without setting a password for it. Otherwise anyone could log in via Shell and change the config or even shut the server down.

We fixed several bugs:
  • Heretic's torch powerup is now rendered properly (without distance attenuation) and also times out correctly in two minutes.
  • A few more multiplayer bugs were fixed: clearing view filter when a player is spawned, duplicate Hexen Fighter weapon effects, Heretic Firemace spawning, Hexen status bar life gem colors, Hexen key pickups on client.
  • Window management bugs: updating viewport after window resizing, potential crash at startup, window refresh pausing inadvertently, not drawing the UI before the engine has been initialized.
I brought our Mac OS X offering up to date by adding an OS X 10.8 build to our set of automatically built distribution packages. This allowed me to also bump the included version of Qt to 4.8.

Over the weekend I spent some time revising how the Control Panel and console help text is produced. You may remember Amethyst, the document processing system I wrote several years ago. It has been used for generating the Readme documentation in several formats (wiki, txt, rtf, Unix man page). Now the documentation of all the console commands and variables is also processed with Amethyst, allowing us to easily have all of them in the wiki with no additional effort:
We've been postponing the 1.10 release for a couple of days while putting on finishing touches. The next build will be the stable one.


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