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Week 12/2013: Tidying up

edited 2013 Mar 25 in Developers
Last week I spent all my time fixing various bugs and other issues in preparation to the stable 1.10.
  • Fixed missing hub-ending intermission text screens in Hexen.
  • Optimized some performance degradation after the C++ map data refactoring.
  • More multiplayer issues fixed particularly in Heretic and Hexen: activation of the Wings of Wrath, HUD life gem colors, Hexen map starts, player's current weapon after respawn in Hexen, "give i" cheat in Hexen, rendering the torch power-up on clientside.
  • Shell improvements: some potential crashes fixed, usability improvements like a native scroll bar for the log message history, mouse wheel scrolling, a link to the wiki for help, current map and game mode in the status bar.
  • Unix manpages for the server and shell.
  • Unix bug where some external music files could not be found because the definitions were using Windows-style path separators.
  • Potential crash when starting the auto-updater.
  • Fatal error messages (that cause the engine to quit) would instead cause the engine to crash immediately after showing the error message.
  • Added cvar "game-pause-mapstart-tics" to control how long the game should remain paused immediately after loading a map (by default syncs with the transition screen wipe in Doom).
The candidate phase is planned to end later this week as we release the stable version 1.10.
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