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Doom Ultimate failure to run

edited 2013 Mar 23 in DOOM

When I try to run this ver of Doom it will not run. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I have added two screenshots and am hoping someone can advise me from there. If not ask me anything and will supply what data I can



  • According to that image of the Doomsday console, you don't have Ultimate Doom, rather the three episode version (i.e 'Doom1 Registered').

    ID released a free upgrade patch to Ultimate Doom for people who already had the three episode version of Doom.

    You can download all the patches easily from here:
  • Wasn't that a chore. Had to do a fresh install from floppies on my wife's computer. Transfer, then figure out AGAIN I had to run the update file THEN the patch file. But I am all set and Thanks for the help
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