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Week 11/2013: Shell improvements, MP fixes

edited 2013 Mar 18 in Developers
Last week the candidate phase for 1.10 was in full swing.

I started trimming down the mountain of "yellow issues" in the latest builds. I haven't encountered anything that would be a real bug, but fixing these warnings is good for the overall health of the code base.

I also tried compiling everything with Qt 5 and C++11 enabled. There weren't many issues so I took care of them, future-proofing the sources for later when we upgrade Qt.

The Shell still needs a couple of finishing touches before the stable 1.10 release. I added player position indicators to the Shell's Status page, an icon for the app on Windows, and also did minor fine-tuning of the app for specific platforms (e.g., dialog behavior, default fonts).

Prompted by a report from Vermil, I proceeded to fix a number of multiplayer issues: Heretic's default server map is now E1M1, co-op start spots are assigned as they should (client #1 gets the first one), the kills/items/secret counts of the map are working, corrected an issue where the player's weapon would disappear after completing a map and moving to the next one, Hexen's view filters for the Cleric/Mage weapons are rendered, Hexen's psprite attack effects and sounds are no longer duplicated on the client, sounds emitted by sectors get played, and Hexen's sound sequences in MP games also are played (e.g., door creaks).

The candidate phase will likely continue until the end of the month as we keep looking for and fixing new and old bugs.
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