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Week 10/2013: Un-regression

edited 2013 Mar 11 in Developers
Last week we started the candidate phase for the stable 1.10 release and fixed a number of regressions introduced during the recent refactoring of the network subsystem, window manager, and resources.

My focus was primarily on making sure that basic MP functionality (finding servers, connecting to them, disconnecting) works correctly. One larger fix related to MP was that the sounds produced when opening and closing doors were not working correctly. For this we introduced a new network message in the game's protocol, and consequently bumped the protocol version number meaning that old clients can no longer connect to newer servers.

I also spent some time improving libdeng2's facilities for supporting use of the Pimpl idiom. This is one of those things that helps us in the long run, as it enforces proper data hiding and makes it easier to retain binary compatibility.

The candidate phase will likely continue until the end of the month as we keep looking for and fixing new and old bugs.
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