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Week 9/2013: Merged work branches

edited 2013 Mar 5 in Developers
Last week we merged our work branches back to the master and prepared for the 1.10 candidate phase.

Most of my time was spent on initial ui-framework refactoring related to the engine's main event loop and the low-level window update mechanism. The new UI widget framework that I've been developing for use in the Shell is now being employed in the client's GUI, too. For now, I've created one "legacy" widget that holds pretty much the entire current client GUI. In the future, more and more of the GUI will be extracted out of this legacy widget and revised into smaller, independent new widgets. This will bring plenty of flexibility into the UI. I plan to tackle a new Console widget first (for 1.11), as that has already been half implemented for the Shell UI.

The rest of the week I spent on cleaning up various issues after the work branch merges. Seeing as the latest build was still only a partial success, there are a few more things to address.

The candidate phase for 1.10 has now begun. The coming weeks we will spend on cleaning up and polishing any remaining rough edges.
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