Rain doesn't load

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Hi There. Since Vermil told me how to make the engine load the textures, it worked like a charm.
I followed this instructions:


And Everything works great, except for the rain. I did exactly as the instructions says, and in the previous version of Doomsday that I was using (version 1.9.0 beta 5.1) the rain an every 3d model worked. I use the exact same pk3 in version 1.9.10-1 (the latest stable) and everything works great, except for the rain. I remade the steps of the instructions again to make sure nothing goes wrong, but with the same results. I remember the instructions were made a long time before version 1.9.10-1 was released. So, could the problem be that, the version? Or what could it be?


  • Maybe you made an error in one of the steps, we don't know.
    You can try jXCCP 1.23 pack. The same job you did, but all working in current 1.10.0#790, and most recent models added to this pack (new Centaur model and redesigned mage's weapons).
  • @Veirdo; if that version works fine, it should probably be added to the Doomsday addons page?

    Even if it lacks the ability to check/uncheck components like say the JDRP, it's still better than what's on the addons page currently (just a texture pack).

    That said, one could easily separate the addon into three separate packs of models, textures and UI stuff if needed.
  • Downloading now, Thanks Veirdo!!
  • nice pack of XCCP, its nice that everything is working in it in the latest builds.
    had problems before with some monsters and weapons and being sprites instead of models in the newest DD builds, but they work again now :)

    could it be repacked though so you can check and uncheck things which you wanna use, like the old XCCP had?
    i like to use some different stuff like psychikons pickups and it would be nice to be able to turn those off in the normal xccp so there wont be any clashing of files and deds and such going on
  • I have Rain as a separate pk3 so that I can use it or not. I've noticed that it does impact performance when using it, by quite a bit when in battles with affrits. I can't determine by how much the impact is as I don't know how to make Hexen show FPS. I would like to know how to display FPS so that I may try to tweak rain impact. I'm using version 1.12.0 #944. Thanks.
  • Open the taskbar (e.g., with Shift+Esc), click the DE logo in the bottom right and you should see that option in the menu.
  • There's also a screenshot in the release notes: http://dengine.net/dew/index.php?title=Version_1.11
  • PostFatal let us know if your FPS has changed from older versions of Hexen.

    On the very first episode of Hexen and without moving and with no add-ons I used to get 125 FPS but with the latest build I get 57 FPS.

    With Rain plus a few other add-ons I used to get 75 FPS in the same position, I now get 20 FPS, however it does not really feel like 20 FPS as it is not “sticky” when I move so maybe the FPS read-out is got a problem.

    Hexen is very playable for me so I am not concerned.
  • I'm guessing you're using Windows? This performance drop is more than likely due to us having temporarily disabled some compiler optimization due to a couple of significant issues resulting in incorrect (bugged) behaviors with the automap and texture suppression. Once we've tracked down the reason for which we can then re-enable this optimization.
  • You are correct I am using Windows 7 64 bits and I should have included that, sorry.

    I also noticed that a faster GPU does not really seem to increase the FPS much but over-clocking the CPU does boost the FPS. However, there does seem to be a strange hesitation or stutter when you first start picking up objects. The stutter seems to get less pronounced as you play the game.
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