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Doomsday Engine doesn't load any textures

edited 2013 Feb 27 in Hexen
Hi there. I have the same problem with every version of Doomsday I Tried: The Doomsday Engine doesn't load the textures. For example, I downloaded every texture indicated here:


And I downloaded a lot of other packs of different textures, but the engine simply doesn't load them. I don't know why. I put every texture in Doomsday\snowberry\addons folder, but the engine, either it doesn't load the textures when I select them in the snowberry window; or the textures pack doesn't appear at all, and I can't even select them. Right now I'm using version 1.9.0 beta 5.1 because this is the version that has the most advanced Direct3D Graphics, and I need Direct3d for playing in my Stereoscopic 3d monitor.
I've tried putting the graphics in almost every folder of the engine, but it simply doesn't load the textures. Plain and simple, either they don't appear in the frontend (when the textures are in a folder), or they do appear (when the textures are in a pk3 file), but once I select them, they don't appear in the game. Every test I did I did it without the 3d stereoscopic mode activated, and, besides my version, I tried exactly the same tests with version 1.9.9 (stable) with the exactly same results.

Is there a way to make the engine load the textures? A way to, I don't know, force the loading of the textures? Why don't they appear in the menu if I put them in the Addons folder? How can I activate them?

Edit: I downloaded the hd graphics for heretic, and it really ROCKS!! It works amazingly, even more with the stereoscopic 3d activated. This the weird thing, the heretic graphics works like a charm, but the hexen ones don't, at all.


  • And to answer this question; it is possible the pack you downloaded doesn't include hi-res versions of every texture; the textures pack on the page you linked to only includes something like 84 out of 100's for instance.
  • The thing is, I can't load ANY pack. Not even the one included in the addons main download page of the Doomsday engine. They doesn't appear in the frontend, unless they are pk3 files. If the pack is a group of folders, it doesn't matter where I put it, it just doesn't appear in the frontend. I tried zipping the group of folders into a pk3 file, and, by doing that, it does appear in the frontend; but when I select it, the textures doesn't appear in the game. I've seen some of the textures in videos, so I can tell if they loaded. For example, the user interface in-game. It appears all pixelated and exactly the same as I remember from the old Hexen. In the videos I've seen, the user interface appears perfectly defined, without pixelation. Same as everything else, there is no single difference whether I load the textures or not, the graphics stay the same. What can I do?
  • The data folder must be the top folder in a standard Doomsday pk3 and the textures must be in 'data/jhexen/textures' and other graphics must be in 'data/jhexen/patches'. I've just given it a quick test in the latest unstable build using the textures from the texture pack on the page you linked to and they loaded without issue.

    i.e when you open your pk3, the first folder must be data.
  • I'm sorry, Vermil. You were totally right. I made a mix of every hi res pack I got, put them all in the addons folder like pk3 files, and it worked like a charm. You were right, the graphics DO improve, it's just a little difficult to see them. Now I can play Hexen with 3d models! Thanks!
  • By the way, for anyone who had the same problem as me: I downloaded this file I found on the Internet:


    and this file from the official Doomsday addons site:


    The Hexen_High_Resolution_Pack.rar has a bigger size, so I thought it had better graphics than xhtp-20100714.pk3... And it doesn't. On the contrary, xhtp-20100714.pk3 has a lot better textures!
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