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CrystalHD (Mac Mini)

edited 2013 Mar 20 in Off-Topic
This is really for Skyjake and others running Mac Mini's. I'm installing (among other upgrades) a Broadcom CrystalHD PCIe card to enable 1080p playback and some other features on my 2007 Mini. I was wondering if, though it's not an outright graphics card, Doomsday Engine could be made to take advantage of it? I'm not a graphics programmer, but am curious.

Thanks for any comments!

Update: Link: ... is-and-atv


  • A bit of a late reply, but my short answer is that I don't think there is a way for Doomsday to take advantage of a CrystalHD card. It seems oriented toward video codec acceleration rather than general purpose OpenGL.
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