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Week 7/2013: Shell deployed

edited 2013 Feb 18 in Developers
Last week I continued refining the Shell application to finish its minimum required functionality to allow including it in the distribution packages.

Now that we have the Shell, I have removed the option for starting a dedicated server via the launcher. This is yet another small step toward making Snowberry obsolete. The caveat is that addon configuration is not included in the Shell, and will remain absent until resource package handling is implemented in libdeng2. (Although usually it's best to run servers without additional resource packages.) Custom WAD files can be loaded with the "-file" option (in Local Server -> Start... -> Advanced -> Options).

It should be noted that the distribution packages for Mac OS X now contain a metapackage (.mpkg) instead of an app bundle. The .mpkg will install both "Doomsday" and the new "Doomsday". Mac users will likely want to upgrade manually instead of relying on the autoupdater, as old versions of the updater only know how to deal with "Doomsday" on the disk instead of a metapackage.

There is now a build option (deng_noclient) that disables compilation of the client executable. The option should be useful for people who compile on headless servers (it is in use on our MP test server).

The candidate phase for 1.10 is rapidly approaching. Before that I plan to step away from the MP/Shell work for a while and concentrate on building some foundations for the next-generation UI framework.
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