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First time skin

edited 2013 Jan 5 in Hexen
I'm 60yr old and don't know squat about modeling or texturing but the Ettin called to me to give it a try. I opened the texture and began to surround and clear sections that I wanted to work with. I then searched the net for pictures that I thought would make interesting textures. I simply pasted what ever sample I chose into the cleared area of the texture and anchored it then saved. Below is how it turned out. I'm pleased with it except that the knee pads came out on both sides of the leg, is there any way I can get rid of the backside knee pad? Thanks. BTW, like I said, I don't know what I'm doing so if you would like to help me I can send you the texture I'm working with. Also, am I supposed to track down the modeler and get permission to do this? ... e9d3ab.png


  • Model looks cleaner than before, although the metal parts too new, as though just from the blacksmith.
    To get rid of the backside knee pad there need to tweak UV's.
    Good result for the first time anyway ;)
  • Thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think nobody liked it at all with 24 views and no comments. I don't know what you mean about the UV. Also do I need permission to let this skin into the wild so others can use it? It does look better in game. I know the metal does look pretty new but still an improvement I think. the face isn't what I wanted but the skin has a way of doubling the image that I don't understand, what looks like two nostrils is really the nose showing up twice side by side and moving the position any more makes it worse. I can post the texture file if anyone would like to have it or tweak it, I mean if it's ok to post.
  • @PostFatal: It looks good to me in game too - an honourable first attempt and much better than anything I could do and I'm a young 41 year old whipper-snapper! I'm looking forward to seeing how this progresses and also hoping you continue with other models.
  • UV's are the texture coordinates. That is how faces of 3D model unwrapped in 2D space (like a box). In the image below you can see that the faces of front and back leg shares the same space. Also there are seams in the model because of the different color between edges of texture patches. Another problem - a lot of unused space in the texture. And non-optimal mapping too. A lot of space used for spikes, although they can all share one small space somewhere in the corner of the texture.
  • Ok I'm lost with all that. I'll try and upload this so someone with knowhow can carry on. Thanks for all the help.
  • Has anyone else tried my skin? Any problems or comments?

    oops,EDIT: I totally forgot that the mace and shoulder pads were separate files, sorry about that.
    This link has a zip with the ettin skin, mace, and shoulder pads.
  • This forum is not a best place to share the results of the work. Even newdoom forum at is a better place, because of a better known through the internet.
    But here is is a good place to test your work among doomsday creators and it's fans, although they are very few left here.
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