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Week 50/2012: Stabler

edited 2013 Jun 24 in Developers
skyjake's notes:

Last week I focused squarely on bug fixing for 1.9.10.

Fixed crashes:
  • crash at shutdown after changing display modes (on Windows)
  • crash when replacing text definitions
  • random crash when loading model skins

I also fixed a variety of small annoyances and bugs, for instance the display color curve: the gamma, contrast, and brightness values set by Doomsday at runtime were overriding the user's native monitor calibration. Now Doomsday will apply its modifications to the calibrated color values.

There was a fundamental change regarding game plugins. We are now using the main Doomsday version number (1.9.10) for all of our "official" game plugins (libdoom, libheretic, libhexen). This effectively marks the end of jDoom and the other j-ports -- they have been finally fully demoted from individual ports to mere plugins for Doomsday.

I'm hoping we can manage to release the stable 1.9.10 this week and then take a break for the holidays.


  • I like it very much thanks for sharing this information with us…. :)
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