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fixed, xbox 360 joystick issues with doomsday

o.k. i got it to "feel" right for me hope this helps others. in doomsday i mapped move up/down/turn left and turn right to be the mouse. then in pinnacle game profiler i mapped left joystick as mouse up/down/left/right/up right/up left/down right and down left i will attach my pin for pinnacle so you can import it to your pinnacle program. all you will need to do i change move and turn to mouse and adjust mouse turn sensitivity in doomsday.

p.s. is there any way to make doomsday default to custom controlls as well as full screen (no classic status bar) upon startup???


  • Can I ask why you are using a input remapper program with Doomsday? Is there is something missing from Doomsday's own control binding system?
  • i'm going to repost my original thread about the joystick so you can see the issues i was having

    hey guys,i've been away for a couple years, it's good to be back. my problem is that i use an xbox 360 controller to play doom and i would like some advice on getting it setup properly. i have pinnacle game profiler and no matter what i do i just cant get it to "feel" right. (and all was well a couple years ago) mow aiming left and right with the left joystick is just off, i overcorrect every time. if i enable joystick in the console (without pinnacle) it runs all over the place by itself, that's even with deadzone all the way up at 100 so i know it's and engine problem,ctl-turn-speed, does nothing, and if i have it setup in pinacle with the left stick as the arrows the turning is way to fast and if i set left stick as up/down as up/down arrow and left/right as mouse left/right mouse it going half digital and half analog so it just doesn't mesh well. i am running 1.9.10 i have jdrp, jdtp, slyd's skies and psxmusic.wad enabled, and am running the master levels that i have merged together into one megawad. oh and also before when i would use jdep, and would load up the master levels it would load slyd's yellow sky (the one with the bright sun) now with the new pack from the downloads page it thinks i'm loading doom1 and loads the black and white skybox and if i load the old jdep pk3 psxmusic.wad just loops the first track, any ideas??... but otherwise i am loving the new engine and i'm glad to see the project/community thriving again just wish i could join in on the fun as my pc is hooked up to mu plasma and i game from the couch so the controller is a must.

    mainly it's the way the joystick is when enabled, i push a direction and it keeps going in that direction
  • I still would like doomsday to be able to save screen size and controlls preferences
  • Doomsday does that automatically.
  • Its not doing it hete, i have to setup controlls, screensize and audio preferences every time i start doomsday
  • Which OS are you using? where have you installed Doomsday? How are you launching?

    It would be useful to see your doomsday.out
  • windows vista 32bit, installed to c:\games\doomsday\doomsday
    doomsday.out attached , launching with exe thanks for your help
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