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NRFTL + Doom64 support?

edited 2012 Nov 7 in General

Just wanted to ask if you guys could somehow add in official support for Doom2: No Rest For The Living. It's the lastest "official" product created by Nerve and it's available with Doom3-BFG.

I got it working by manually adding the wad but obviously alot of things don't work, such as proper music tracks, skies, intermission text and continuing into doom2's map11 - refueling base.

And finally, that may sound like a ridiculous ammount of work but I would love doom64 support on doomsday aswell. I'm not too good in the technalities so I'm not sure if it's even possible.



  • Support for Doom64, NRFTL and official support for the modified Doom2 wad in the BFG edition are planned.

    There’s not really much more to say as Deng team have not annouced a time table for any of them yet, just that they, as of writing, will all definitely happen at some point.
  • neat, thanks

    apart from episode selection, what's different in BFG's doom2?
  • A list of differences can be found here:

    Note though, that most ports appear to be simply aimming to support the BFG Doom2 Iwad; they don't appear to support the gameplay differences in the BFG engine.
  • @Noahoscar986

    Stop answering to posts/reviving threads that are roughly 10 years or more old. That's quite annoying and unnecessary.

    If you have something important to say, raise a new thread and make a references to old posts where necessary.
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