No Rest For The Dengine

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I am playing around with the Doom3 BFG-Edition, which contains also a Doom2 PWAD
"nerve.wad", which is an additional 9-Map addon for Doom2 called "No Rest For the Living".
I am trying to convert the wad to properly work with Doomsday and I am not sure, which
map number I have to give to make sure that a secret exit works. I remember, that
doom2 uses map 15 with secret exits to map 31, but is there a way to change this?

And a second question:
I changed the map names sucessfully with a .deh file, but is there a better way
to do this with deng?


  • In due time, I imagine support for NRFTL will be added to DDay as a game mode. But it will still need deds written for it, so here goes:

    For the automap map names, par times and music.

    Heres a Map Info def for the first map:
    Map Info {
      ID = "MAP01";
      Name = "The Earth Base";
      Author = "Russell Meakim";
      Music = "messag";
      Par time = 75;
      Gravity = 1;
      Sky = "sky1";
    For the ending, you'll have to create an infine def. For examples open Finales.ded in the JDoom.pk3
      After = "MAP08";
      Script {
        music "read_m"
        flat RROCK13
        wait 0.5
        Text msg 160 10 "Blah Blah*"
    *I can't remember the exact ending text

    For the secret exit one has to use XG to make an all new linetype (if NRFTL becomes a game mode, this will be handled internally by DDay). Fortunately, you can replace original linetypes with an XG linetype and there is only one secret exit linetype in NRFTL, so you can outright replace the original Vanilla Doom secret exit linetype. ... _(XG_class)

    Unfortunetly, the map selecting field with the End Level class currently appears to be broken; XG has yet to be repaired following the rewrite which broke alot of things.
  • I've been really enjoying this episode in the BFG edition. Having played all the 'regular' maps pretty much to death, it's great to see how good the game can still be after all these years.
  • If one owns the Doom Collector's Edition and Doom 3 already, why would someone buy the BFG edition? Is there a difference?
  • If the web is to be believed the BFG edition is just the same thing but with worse graphics.

    Better to stick with the original version of Doom 3 and apply sikkmod and stuff like Wulfen textures and for original Doom stick to source ports like Doomsday and HRP's for it.
  • i agree on that but one thing doom3 can't do is 1920x1080 that the only difference.
  • Yes it can it can support any arbitrary resolution.. you just need to do the following cvars.. so if you have a 27 inch 1440p monitor you can even do 2560x1440 16:9 as well.

    r_customwidth "xxx"
    r_customheight "xxx"
    r_mode -1
    r_aspectratio 1
    for 16:9

    You can pass those from a command line option, put them in an autoexec.cfg or just edit your DoomConfig.cfg

    Those cvars can even be used with id tech 3 titles.
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