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Particle pack

Hey, does anyone know the deal with the pre-packaged particles? A lot of them don't seem to be used in certain games... I thought that the maintainer, Abbs, was using copyrighted material in SOME things(ie. the RTCW face), but I didn't know if that carried over to the particles. There are a few reasons why I'm asking:
1) if there's a reason why they shouldn't be used (some of them), then I'd like to replace some, but I'm at a stand-still
2) Particle02 looks like an ever-so-slightly modified Doom 1 sprite MISLB0 (I'm just worried if that's why I haven't seen a lot of them in use, but I have no knowledge)
3) I KNOW that I've seen 21 and 22 on a website JUST TODAY, that's what got me thinking
4) The page for the texture particles isn't started on the wiki

I just don't want to use something that shouldn't be used, or try to distribute something like that...
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