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Week 36/2012: Glitches

edited 2012 Sep 10 in Developers
Last week my involvement in the project was quite limited: I ran two new candidate builds and updated the code to be compatible with GCC and Clang compilers after a number of refactorings and bug fixes by DaniJ. It seems our daily development platforms have evolved from those used by the autobuilder, leading to surprises when creating new builds. We will eventually have to upgrade the autobuilder's OSes. At least the status quo provides a mechanism for catching this type of glitches fairly quickly. It's a shame to see the master branch not in 100% fully working condition, though...

We are in the middle of the Candidate phase for 1.9.9, whittling down the to-do list until the code base is polished enough for a stable release. I intend to focus next on one final tweak to the autoupdater: it should be made clearer that it is necessary to manually save the game because the autosaving feature is not yet fully functional.

It was nice to take a short vacation from coding during August, although now I find myself a little slow in easing back into the project. It will likely take a week or two before I am back to full speed.
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