Complete jHeretic Resource Pack/Box for 1.9.8 and above

edited 2012 Aug 16 in Addons for Heretic

Is there a complete jheretic resource pack with textures and models for 1.9.8 and above available for download? The one I have is somehow obsolete and some of the models don't render such as pickup items: crystal vial, quartz flask and so on.

I would be grateful if there is such a compilation.


  • try moving the pk3s of the items that do not render to data/jheretic/auto instead of snowberry/addons

    that might with some luck help to make them render after all as models instead of sprites ;)
  • If the above works then it means the add-on has been packaged assuming a fixed installation location and should be updated. It is not necessary for Doomsday add-ons to use hardwired relative resource paths.
  • Great! Editing every pk3's paths and restarting of snowberry renders the models, but some of the are buggy in 1.9.8
    See the picture:
    The bubbles in the crystal vial and quartz flask are not moving up and down together with the containers. In 1.8.6 these models were fine, where should be the error?

    Have a nice day!
  • That is a known issue (bug).
  • OK, I hope someday it will be fixed. Keep up the good work.
    By the way, are there any hi resolution version of the help screens in the main menu of Heretic? I'm just curious if there is some UI pack with them.
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