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Week 31/2012: Taking some time off

edited 2012 Aug 8 in Developers
Last week my time was largely spent preparing for moving with virtually no time for Doomsday. The autobuilder was shut down as the machines were physically transported to their new location.

It will take some time to set everything up at the new place. Also, I'm now on my summer vacation so I'm going to be taking a week or two off Doomsday to focus on putting everything back together and relaxing. The autobuilder will be brought back online after a proper internet connection has been installed. It may take several weeks before this happens, so we'll probably have to postpone the stable 1.9.9 a little. We are also looking at an alternative backup builder that could produce packages for some platforms.

The status of 1.9.9 is that it needs polish as detailed in the to-do list. As far as features are concerned it should be done.
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