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Week 30/2012: Stuff got fixed and broken, downtime ahead

edited 2012 Jul 30 in Developers
Today's build 577 suffers from a number of build issues as we've been moving code around and haven't had time to check that the autobuilder machines tolerate the changes. I'll run an additional build after we've cleared the issues. This week will also be special because I'm going to be shutting down the autobuilder for transportation. I'll do one more build right before pulling the plug, probably on Thursday or Friday.

Last week we continued relocating code to the libdeng1 library: the Str, StringPool, Reader and Writer classes were moved from the engine to their new home in libdeng1.

I started working on the stable to-do issues. I didn't get very far, though, as a number of new issues had cropped up, related to startup fonts, compilation on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), treating exceptions thrown in worker threads as fatal errors, a crash when shutting down the engine due to corrupt data created by a plugin, and a fatal error on the dedicated server related to fonts.

I spent a little time fine-tuning the FluidSynth support: it no longer tries (and fails) to autoload dsFluidSynth on Windows, and the FluidSynth output gain was slightly increased to balance the volume compared to sound effects. There was also a bug in dsFMOD where the sound plugin didn't stop playing paused samples, causing a small portion of the music to be skipped at the beginning of maps.

For the next 1-2 weeks I won't have much time for Doomsday as I'm in the middle of moving. I'll post notes on Facebook/Twitter about the status of the autobuilder during the moving process.
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