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Doomsday Server Coop. Keep weapons after player respawn?

edited 2012 Aug 2 in DOOM
I have configured a doomsday lan dedicated server with some basic parameters.
When i join to a created coop game, the default action is to loose all weapons and amno when player dies and respawn only with pistol.
My question is:
Is there a way to configure the server for changing that behavior?
So, when player dies, he respawns keeping all the obtained weapons and amno.

Any variable or flag to configure in the server?

Thanks. Regards.


  • I think another idea would be to drop all of your weapons on death. if you spawned with all of your guns there would not really be any consequences of dying you would just pop up back at spawn with 100 health lol, and no keys ;)
  • Well, in theory, it sounds logical. If player dies must receive a penalty loosing all items.
    But, in practice, for experience, i have played some multiplayer coop maps or campaigns where the amaount of amno is not abundant. Some maps are difficult and the players die frecuently and respawn only with pistol loosing all amno. This is, in my opinion, a problem, because too much of recolected amno disappear and the map turns poor of amno.

    Furthermore obtain the weapons again after respawning usually is not very easy because players must fight tons of monsters only with pistol and a little amno.
    In consecuence, it turns, generally, to a bored loop: fight with pistol or fists - die - respawn - fight with pistol or fists ...

    I'm a doomsday fan too many years ago, but, i have to admit, that sometimes when playing coop multiplayer games and before described situation happens, i have had to use another port like skulltag which allows to config this parameter.

    People maybe agree with me or not.
    I'm not saying you have to play the way i have described before. I'm saying that would be very interesting that doomsday server had the option to config this behaviour, for example, with a boolean variable:
    keep_weapons_ammno_after_die (values: 0 or 1) or something similar.

  • If doomsday haven't this functionality, maybe this could be done by a dehacked patch? Somebody knows this?
  • Same situation than this old doomsday thread, with no answer.

    It looks like Doomsday's developers and team members don't want to talk about this question. Why?
    I think this is a basic flag that should have all doom ports.

    If this topic has no interest to consider for an implementation, exist other solutions, like, for example, a script that launch corresponding actions, because Doomsday has its own scripting language but I haven't knowledge and existing documentation is not enouth to learn it.

    Anyway, no talking about this topic, is not a good practice.
  • The reason I personally haven't responded to your question is because (as you found) we are regularly asked the same question. We are aware that users would like respawning items in co-op game modes and in fact, this feature was originally requested way back in 2003 by Deng Team leader skyjake.

    Obviously nine years is rather a long time to be waiting on this. However, until the core co-op gameplay is working sufficiently well enough with the client/server model Doomsday employs there is little point in layering on even more new configuration features.

    Net play has traditionally not been a primary focus for the project but that is now starting to change. You can expect us to place a greater emphasis on networked play over the course of the 1.9.x series.

    If you'd like more information about the current state of multiplayer, check out this thread.
  • I apreciate your quick answer.
    Thank you for your info. I'm glad to know these news.
    Doomsday is my favorite port in single player mode and i hope it will be in multiplayer too soon.

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