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Problems with dedicated server settings

edited 2012 Jul 26 in DOOM
I have been able to get the lan server for ultimate doom working, but i'm getting really frustrated trying to get it set up they way i like it. i'm trying to lan this with all my friends but this is making it not possible.
some of my cvars in autoexec.cfg load but they will start with wrong values, its wierd this is how i have it set up

net-ip-port = 13209
net-master-port = 13209
server-name "jacknifesvilla"
server-info "hardserver"
server-game-skill 4
server-game-respawn 0
game-fastmonsters 1
server-game-respawn-monsters-nightmare = 0
server-player-limit 4
server-public 1
net init tcpip
net server start
game-fastmonsters 1
server-game-coop-nodamage 1
server-game-episode 3
server-game-map 1

then when i run the server, in the server box it will load up as
net-ip-port = 0
net-master-port = 0
game-fastmonsters 0
and other wierd behavours that i just cant figure out how to get them to work properly! very frustrating it took me so long for it to be able to be registered on the master server! any help or input would be nice i just want a lan server on nightmare difficulty with no respawning monsters AND so that the players cant respawn each level. that would be very fun
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