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New monsters issue with Doomnsday engine

edited 2012 Jul 24 in Tools and Techniques
Hi to all!
First of all, a greeting to all the forum's inhabitants: I hope someone here has the answer to my problem! ;)

Now, I would like to present you my problem:

I love to make new maps for Doom II, which I always play with the Doomsday Engine.
I've added custom textures to my maps, and I never had any problem with the DE.
Now, I'm trying to implement new monsters on my maps: but if I play the new map (with new monsters) with the DE, the new monsters don't appear: it's as I've never put them in.
However, if I load the map with other ports, i.e. ZDoom, the monsters are here, ready to get shot.

Is that a DE internal issue? Or do I have to change something in the configuration?

Thank you very much for you attention! :)

(p.s.: to make new maps, I use the Doom Builder 2, latest version, but I had the summentioned problem even with older ones. To implement new monsters, I use SLADE, for XWE is a bit out of date. I'm running the latest version of the Doomsday Engine).
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