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Help - new sounds

edited 2012 May 28 in DOOM

Need a little help with my project I need to create both replacement sounds and custome sounds.

I have modified a sound file to be .WAV 16bit PCM No Compression.

So for example I want to replace 'podth2' (shotgun guy death sound) which uses sound lump file 'DSPODTH2'

I have renamed my .WAV file to 'DSPODTH2' and specified a DED file to use the external sound

Sound {
ID = "podth2";
Flags = "sf_shift2";
Ext = "sound/DSPODTH2.wav";
Link pitch = -1;
Link volume = -1;
Priority = 70;
Max channels = -1;

The problem is im not 100% sure were to put the new sound file. I have tried various things, with no luck. For instance I have created a folder called 'sound' with the WAV file in, tried both as a folder in Addons folder and as a PK3 archive. Also specified in data\jDoom\Sfx etc - im obviously doing something wrong?

Also while I am on the topic of sounds, if I wanted to create a new sound to play during a certain 'State' whats the best way to do this? I presume I can use the same code above, but specifiy a new ID and then in the DED can I use Sound = "ID_NAME" (or is that just for use withn particle generators?)

Any help would be great. I have managed to create new models, animations, new effects etc.....but sounds baffle me! I guess im making a simple mistake somewere.



  • The Ext field looks from the DDay root folder, not the Data folder of the game.

    So if you have your external sound file (i.e not in wad) in a folder called 'sound' in the JDoom data folder, you would write this:

    Ext = "'data/jdoom/sound/DSPODTH2.wav";

    That said, if you just want to replace an existing sound with an external sound file, there is no need to write a ded definition; just stick it in 'Data/Jxxxx/SFX' and Dday will do the rest.

    To add a new sound definition, you can indeed, just copy an existing definition and change the ID.

    Though, Dday doesn't allow you to attach a sound, existing or new, to a random state; you can only attach a sound to one of the sound types in the mob def or steal a sound playing mob action (which play sounds with specific ID's) from somewhere else.

    A hacky way to get around that, as you've hinted at, is to add an invisible particle generator to a state and have that play a sound.
  • Thanks Vermil,

    This helped and also clarified a few things I was not sure about.

    I still had a few problems, but using your advice and being sure what I was doing is now correct I looked at the sound file it self. I think it would not play until I re-saved it as Mono. I also lowered the bitrate (though it should have already been within the range Doomsday would be happy with). After this the sound played :)

    So I still have to mess about and get a few things right, but at least I managed to get a new external sound playing - yay

    Now I just ave to get some replacement sounds working (which should be even easier) and I am good to go.

    Many thanks for the quick reply - awesome

  • Yes, Dday doesn't support stereo sound samples. Dday will actually print a message in the console saying it doesn't, whenever it tries to play one.

    It's also worth noting the sound effects sample rate option in the control pannel; Dday will try to play all sound effects at whatever you have this set to. However on rare ocasion Dday won't convert a sound effect with an unusual hz to some of the options (for instance Dday can't convert Wolf3D quality samples to either 22hz or 44hz, only to 11hz.

    RFE and bug reports for both have been made though. ... tid=542102 ... tid=542099
  • This is precisely the sort of information that should be present on the wiki. Please feel free to add content to it whenever you answer a question yourself that is not covered at the wiki.
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