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On Week 20/2012

edited 2012 May 23 in Developers

Last week we released stable 1.9.8 (build500). This time around the candidate phase took roughly a month for us to get through -- an improvement from 1.9.7, but still slightly too long for comfort. In hindsight, we should've waited a little longer before leaving unstable, as there was still some unfinished work being incorporated into the master. We will be wiser next time.

Having finished 1.9.8, it is time to look into the future. My "big thing" for 1.9.9 is automatic updates. Initially it will be a straightforward "check + download + re-install" scheme. Overall, I have a feeling we should place a slightly higher emphasis on bug fixing during the development cycle for 1.9.9; it would be great to clear up the Bug Tracker and todo list a little. Also, expect a 1.9.8-1 patch release in a week or two.

My plan for this this week is to finish up a couple of small work branches. The first introduces a simple, thread-specific garbage collector and AutoStr. These will make life easier when dealing with strings in the C code, as one doesn't have to worry about deleting strings manually. The second work branch brings in a revised command line options parser from the "future", i.e., Hawthorn libdeng2. This should help us improve some glitches with command line usage.
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