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dinamic lightning in hexen and heretic

edited 2014 Dec 29 in Hexen
Hi there, i have just installed and played recently with your wonderful, really wonderful engine, thanks a lot for all the fun. You really make me remember the old days with these games, but i´m a little bit annoyed with something. how can i get the lightning effects that are shown in your post "a decade of doomsday"? that flare from the arc of fire and that awesome lightning from the crossbow in heretic i mean. Are those part of an add-on or are included in the engine? I would really like to know how to get them, they just look awesome. Thanks a lot for the attention and once again THANKS A LOT FOR GETTIN BACK HEXEN, HERETIC AND DOOM! :)


  • Thanks :) Its always good to hear positive feedback.

    Those screenshots were taken (a while ago) before we changed the default halo setup to "Realistic" mode. Open the control panel and look under the "Halos" tab, there you will find a button labelled "Use Realistic Halos"; turn that off to enable the fancy lens flare effects.

    Alternatively you can disable realistic halos from the console with the following command:
    rend-halo-realistic 0
  • thos are addons but most of the standard affects are built in that are game specific and if you look here on the forms and on the addons page you will find the stuff.
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