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Some more Coop Multiplayer Bugs

edited 2012 May 14 in Technical Support
some more bugs (using win7 x64 with doomsday_1.9.8_build498)...

jHeretic Coop Multiplayer:
- @the halls of fear: some ammo cannot be taken with "Elven Wand - basic ranged weapon"
- kills show not up at the end of the level
- some enemies still freeze/hang in ground

JDoom (UltimateDoom) Coop Multiplayer:
- enemies stuck and do not notice you

JDoom (Doom2) Coop Multiplayer:
- Doors cannot be open

JHexen Coop Multiplayer:
- enemies freeze/hang in the wall
- throwing a red Hammer of Retribution (third weapon) with Spiked Gauntlets (hands) sometimes


  • Thanks for reporting. We will be looking into the remaining multiplayer issues again in one of the upcoming releases; note that there already is a multitude of known bugs with MP.
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