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[dmp] doom zombie 3dmodel released

edited 2011 Jan 10 in Addons for DOOM
I have now released my first ever model for the doomsday engine
It is the zombieguy
I tried to make him a mix or a real human and the sprite
there are no particles or gibs done with this model

[edit]download it here >

I encourage you to edit and improve on any part of it.
It is released under the gpl2 or later license, so that means if you distribue your edited version you have to release the source to your changes as well.
[edit]get the source files here >


  • Here is a screenshot of an update to his face
    will be released in next version of the zombie guy, along with the gun flash being fixed
  • A new version is uploaded with a few changes to his head like lowering of the head, lowering of the ears and a more detailed skin for his face
    and also removed the constant gun flash.

    get it from the first post

    remember it is released under gpl2 or later so I encourage you to edit and improve on it,
  • A big improvement KuriKai over your previous version. Keep it up :)
    I couldn't resist posting my little changes I made to the old face texture. I hope it's an improvement. :/
    Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to test it. :(
    My explanation on why the saturation of the skin is lowered: "It's zombies, they shouldn't look like healthy people."
    And I don't know if you're supposed to post such edits like this.. *Reads the rules..* - Eh, looks like it's fine.
  • nice job, especially on the hair, are you able to post a larger resolution version of it?
    Certainly, but it won't quite have the same quality.
  • Can you upload this and your other models again, please?

    They look nice and I'd like to try them out.
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