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Couple questions relating doom.

edited 2013 Nov 29 in General
I have doom running on the doomsday engine on my mac and I went to edit one of the controls but I don't know how to reset it to the way it was before I made the change. How do I reset it? Also is there anyway I could use a xbox 360 wired controller for doom? How would I set it up? Thanks.


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    If you can remember what the default control was, just highlight the control and press enter to change it manually.

    Dday has no built in support for 360 gamepads; it's gamepad code is very old and only supports up to, I believe, approximately PS2 pad's. Hence, you have to use third party programs if you want to use a 360 gamepad with Dday.

    Also, Dday doesn't support gamepads in the menu's (other than the control binding menu); only in game.

    Certinally support for modern gamepads, specifically 360 gamepads, in Dday is something that I personally see requested a fair bit.
  • +1 to the request for 360 gamepad support to be added to doomsday , please !
  • I use pinnicle game profiler:

    I don't think the PS2 controller works properly with it. Read this that I posted a while ago: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1432&hilit=+ps2
  • and controller related stuff for none native controllers i use motionjoy it works great but every so often you need to test the vibration so that motionjoy and compy know it's there.
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