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Got a virus alarm

I just downloaded and unzipped Immediately after unzipping this file my Norton 360 virus app popped up with a threat message. It says that doomsday-server.exe contains the threat "WS_Reputation.1" and Norton removed it from my computer. I had installed about a week and a half ago and this virus threat did not appear. This might be something you should be aware of.

So I deleted this folder and downloaded doomsday_2.2.2_x64.msi and ran it. I got no warnings and everything seems to be working fine.



  • I'm inclined to think this is a false positive.

    The contents of the ZIP have not been modified on the server, and the Windows autobuilder is not compromised in any way that would produce infected executables. Also, the ZIP and MSI installers contain the same files.
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