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Mouse? (should I be seeing my mouse on the main screen?)

I just downloaded the 2.2.1 zip on my workstation, which is Win7.64 (16gb ram and plenty of everything). I copied it to where I want it and ran Doomsday.exe. It runs ok but I immediately notice that I don't see my mouse cursor. I have 2 monitors going, and the mouse works fine when I move over to the secondary. But the primary, where I'm running DE, shows no mouse cursor. I can show the taskbar or startmenu and the mouse is there, I can switch to other apps and it works there as well. There's nothing fancy in my setup, just a Logitech Perf/MX. I'm sure there's something I'm doing wrong but I looked thru the User Guide and Getting Started, the FAQ and did some searching of the forums.

Anyone got any tips?

PS: I've been out of the DEng world for a number of years while I worked myself to death LOL but I've decided to retire after 35yrs writing code and I've been a huge fan of yours, SkyJake, and your work. And I'm really excited about getting back into it and enjoying my computers (and my life!) again. I'm VERY HAPPY to see that you've kept your project going, it speaks volumes about anyone who stays with a project as long as you have! So cheers mate, and I look forward to talking with you more in coming days!



  • Update: I prefer not using installers and instead using portable dists - but I really want to see DE again so I downloaded and ran the 64bit .msi and the mouse seems to work now! Which leads to the question: Exactly what does the installer do that running the portable dist doesn't? I am a bit comfortable with doing configuration manually lol - and I'd really like to use the portable from this point on if possible. But obviously I'll need the mouse :-)
    Thanks in advance!
  • what does the installer do that running the portable dist doesn't?
    Both the MSI and ZIP installers should have the exact same files, and neither puts anything in the system folders.

    Did you unzip the zip install to a new empty folder? If not, some older files/libraries may be causing trouble.

    There's always the chance of some random Windows weirdness, did you try a reboot? :smile:

    But I'm nowadays using Windows 10 only so it could be some incompatibility with the older OS.
    I'm really excited about getting back into it and enjoying my computers (and my life!) again.
    Congrats! :smiley:
  • Greetings
    I also just downloaded and installed Doomsdat 2.2.1. and the mouse does not appear in the UI screen. My computer is running Windows 10. I just bought this laptop two weeks ago so the problem can not be a compatibility problem cause by using an older OS Unfortunately I don't recall which installer I used (doomsday_2.2.1_x64,zip or as I deleted it once I installed the doomsday engine.

    I have found two work arounds to get the mouse cursor to appear in Windows 10.
    1) Press F4 then ESC and the cursor will appear. This first fix only works until you select something then the mouse will disappear so you have to press F4 and esc again.
    2) This second fix will keep the mouse visible in the UI. First open a window, I open the File Explorer. Next double click on DE to start it. Before DE has completely initializing click once inside the File explore window so it is the active window. DE will start behind it. Once DE has started click in the UI to make it the active window and use the mouse, it will not disappear.

    However I am going to try a reinstall as suggested.
  • This sounds like some newly introduced issue with Qt. I’ll have to take a closer look...
  • Greetings,
    Just an update. I just installed doomsday_2.2.2_x64.msi and the cursor is working normally.

  • Hmm, that means it was likely not related to Doomsday after all. I haven't changed anything that affects the mouse.
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