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SmoothLiquids and Gore mods wanted

For GZDoom there are different Mods for smooth liquids (shaders) out, or different Blood-Mods (Bolognese Mod e.g.).
Will be similar things for dengine, too? Or will deinge be compatible some day?
I think in gfx dengine is most advanced, today.


  • From a technical perspective, (GLSL) shaders for materials are now possible since version 2.1, although there is no method for users to add customized shaders yet.

    It has been possible to define custom material animations via DED for several years. This allows things like multiple layers and customized animation frames, but no shaders.

    It is unlikely that it would be feasible to implement compatibility with ZDoom mods, since those depend on the internal workings of ZDoom.
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